Our Services

MYOB & Ostendo Services

As MYOB and Ostendo Professional Partner, we are accredited professionals who can provide you with a range of services including :

  • Product demonstrations
  • On-site training
  • Consultancy
  • MYOB & Ostendo System implementation
  • Form customisation
  • On-site technical support
  • On-line technical support

Networking Services

We specialize in installing, supporting and troubleshooting networking products.
We ensure our customers benefit from a properly designed, backed up, secure and protected network.

Services include:

  • Install network UTP cables
  • Setup and configuration
  • Disk and printer sharing
  • VPN, Remote Desktop, Gateways, Routers and Firewall

Call us to ensure that you can get the best performance for your network

PC & Server Infrastructure

We provide server and PC system

  • Providing tower or rack server and desktop PC
  • Deployment for Microsoft Server
  • Deployment for windows application software