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Ostendo is an operations system that provides a very deep level of business operations functionality and tracking. It helps to integrate and automate information between departments to departments without double works in your organization. Everyone share the data and information just from one source and easily find the information that they need at their fingertips. This makes your analysis easy, comprehensive, accurate and thorough.

By realizing the fact that, there are a lot of businesses still heavily relying on Spreadsheet for various operations tracking, KPI reporting and yet lack of integration between departments to departments. Ostendo is positioned to replace all the spreadsheet and enhance your company’s efficiency and effectiveness.

In a nutshell, Ostendo operations software adds advanced inventory, project & job costing, point-of-sales, manufacturing, service, preventive maintenance, distribution and dynamic reporting to your accounting system like MYOB, Quickbooks, Sage Pastel, Moneyworks and others.

Ostendo is designed as 80% standard off-the-shelf ERP system that saves you a lot of development cost and debugging time. More importantly, it provides the stability and speed performance.

OSTENDO Operations Management System

Ostendo + Your Accounting System = Complete ERP

Ostendo is developed with the common practice of the following industries…


Ostendo is ideally suited for small to medium sized manufacturers who are currently being restricted by the manufacturing functionality in their Accounting and Inventory software. Neither is capable of tracking Work in Progress (WIP) which is one of the primary reasons neither system is adequate by itself to properly manage a manufacturing based organization.

Ostendo has many advanced features typically only found in enterprise level manufacturing systems including such things as cost rollups, by-products, MRP and capacity planning. In addition to these features, Ostendo is highly customizable and new functionality can be added with relative ease due to Ostendo being based on a powerful SQL relational database.

Some of Ostendo’s main features relevant to manufacturers include the following:

  • Perform cost roll-ups through multi level BOMs.
  • Option to automate purchase order generation for material requirements in multi-currencies.
  • Landed costing with the option of allocating freight and customs charges across the products in a shipment by price, quantity, volume, weight or duty percentage.
  • Automate generation of Work Orders to meet inventory / Sales Order requirements.
  • Unlimited level Bills of Materials (BOMs) with phantom item settings.
  • Assembly Progress Tracking with production lines and workstations.
  • Constraint Scheduling and Capacity Planning down to time of the day, across both machines and employees.
  • Full batch, serial, colour, size, revision, expiry date, grade traceability throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Assign company assets (i.e Machines) and employees to jobs.
  • Timesheet functionality with associated reporting.
  • In-depth reporting capabilities across all areas of the system.
  • Create rules-based custom products.
  • Attach plans / documents to Work Orders.

For fast sales processing

Ostendo’s functionality for Engineering and Fabrication companies in the areas of job & project costing are more advanced than many significantly more expensive products. From the estimating / quote stage right through to invoicing Ostendo provides a high level of flexibility allowing it to be adapted to almost any business processes. If your business has some unusual requirements that Ostendo does not cover by standard, and then there is a high likelihood that we are able to modify the software to meet your specific needs.

Some of Ostendo’s main features relevant for engineering and fabrication include:

  • Easily build estimates or quotes including labour and sub-contractors
  • Adjust mark-ups across an entire estimate or by single component
  • Invoice from actuals/schedule/fixed price
  • Book assets and employees into a job calendar
  • Record and report on planned vs. actual usages by job
  • Support for timesheets including the ability to track who did what on each particular task in a job
  • Integrated call centre for task management
  • Advanced WIP reporting
  • Generate quote / estimate then convert into open job
  • Generate purchase orders directly from a job
  • Estimate and quote preparation directly from last cost and supplier catalogue data stored in Ostendo.
  • Labour, material and subcontractor mark ups can be grouped and easily manipulated.
  • Clear job list with status tracking, to line level, user defined tracking codes and colours.
  • Job Calendar with drag and drop functionality for scheduling labour and/or machinery resources for each task.
  • Timesheet entry and labour tracking with actual job costs to date.
  • Real time work in progress, and time and cost completion percentage at all levels.
  • Job estimating/quoting
  • Detailed budgeted planned, actual and projected costs at the various task, job, and project hierarchy levels
  • Progress claims and retention tracking by job, consolidated invoicing by project.
  • Purchase orders and supplier invoices can be allocated directly to the job to maintain actual job costs to date.
  • Supplier invoices and catalogues can be imported directly into Ostendo
  • Import of design data from AutoCAD and SolidWorks output files.
  • Shop Floor labour time and material usage quantities can be entered from a terminal in the workshop
  • Constraint Scheduling & Capacity Planning – scheduling resources (machines & employees) within engineering environment that optimises the use of those resources to best meet the required dates for the orders with the system.


Contracting, Construction & Projects

Ostendo has a substantial set of features designed specifically for the building & construction industry and is a powerful tool which can be used to rapidly build estimates and track costs throughout the life of a job.

Below is a summary of some of Ostendo’s main features relevant to the building & construction industry:

  • Multiple invoicing styles including from schedule, actuals and fixed price
  • Generate progress claims and retention invoices
  • Job Claims & Retentions module – The Claims can then be monitored and subsequently updated with approved amount and information such as Approvers name, date, and approval reference. From this you can raise an Invoice for the Approved Claim. Similarly, you can monitor Retentions related to the Job/Retention Claim Date and raise an Invoice for the Retention(s) being claimed.
  • Invoice Cost Style – Fixed Amount, Fixed Actual Percentage & Fixed Plan Percentage
  • Track labour and sub-contractor work done on each job including the ability to enter timesheets by task
  • Auto create Purchase Orders to sub-contractor from jobs
  • Create job templates to assist in rapidly building estimates
  • Consolidate multiple sub-level jobs into a project which can then be invoiced and reported on
  • Labour capacity planning by department
  • Advanced options for applying mark-ups to estimates
  • Book assets and employees into a job scheduling calendar
  • Manage variations to contract
  • Integrated CRM for management of both customer and internal communications
  • Advanced reporting including projected costs, WIP and completion levels

Below is a summary of some of Ostendo’s main features relevant to this industry:

  • Sales Kit Sets, Configured Items, Alternate Items and Add-on Sales
  • Extensive Pricing Matrix and Multi-tiered Discount Matrix (e.g. 5% + 5% + 5%)
  • Configuring items on the fly for custom products
  • Current & Projected Stock Availability
  • Alternate Item Option
  • Create Service Quote with cost estimate
  • Conversion to a Service Order
  • Create Customer Service Asset after selling Product or Service
  • Complete Sales and Service History
  • Telesales
  • Warranty tracking commences at the time of product or service sale and continues through its life cycle, recording all the service, maintenance and repair activities.
  • Full Asset service, Invoicing and Cost history retained
  • Includes manufacturers’ warranties and extended warranties that you have sold to the customer.
  • Scheduled servicing of customer assets with automatic email reminder to customer of planned servicing.
  • Templates for service planning and batch entry of service plans.
  • Scheduled Service Reminder option (Phone, email, Letter)
  • We have added the ability to create one or more Reading Names linked to a Customer Asset. These can then be used for Usage Billing or for predicting future services
  • Multi-Level Parent/Child Asset relationships
  • Service Level Agreement Tracking (SLA) in Call Centre


Wholesale & Distribution

Ostendo distribution software provides wholesalers and distributors with a robust inventory management and sales system. Staff time to check stock for customers can be reduced and items easily tracked by serial number, expiry date or batch number.

Some of the main features of the Distribution module include:

  • Maintain up-to-date inventory information – current and projected stock availability.
  • Negative stock is allowed and can be restricted to specific items.
  • Multiple warehouses, locations and multiple units of measurement.
  • Traceability through serial number, batch or lot number, expiry dates, grade, colour, size and revision.
  • Create Purchase Orders from single or multiple Sales Orders or the inventory replenishment process that take into considerations of lead time, forecast, and inventory history or actual sales history.
  • Optional purchase order approval control process.
  • Purchasing can be transacted in foreign currency.
  • Landed cost in Purchase Shipments: Link any purchase orders to a shipment and add up to six additional multi-currency charges to a shipment and allocate each charge by cost, quantity, volume, weight, or duty percentage.
  • Warranty tracking: Tracking commences at the time of product sales transaction. It includes manufacturers’ warranties and extended warranties.
  • 50 character item code with a 100 character description field for stock controlled items, non-stock items and supplier catalogues.
  • Method: Stock from Stock and Source on Demand.
  • Comprehensive pricing levels, quantity breaks, discount matrix, order pricing matrix and add-on sales against the inventory item.
  • Link notes, images and documents.
  • Kitset item for packages or hampers.
  • Track shipments directly to your customer’s address or agent’s address.
  • Alternative items option from the preferred supplier or list of approves suppliers with part number cross-reference and pricing information.
  • Matrices – Matrix style for 2 or 3 dimensions (i.e. Apparel – Colour, Size, Fit)
  • Item cost by sites with options of additional freight charge.



Ostendo’s Point of Sale module is ideal for the retailer who needs more back-end inventory and pricing functionality than what is typically available in entry level POS systems. In addition to Ostendo’s intuitive and simple to use POS interface, Ostendo provides retailers with advanced pricing functionality including special customer pricing as well as providing advanced inventory management and stock replenishment features. Besides, from the same POS screen, it handles credit sales as well.

Some of the main features of the Ostendo POS module include:

  • Advanced bar coding functionality including multiple barcodes per item
  • Easy to setup special pricing rules including sales periods, product category discounts and special customer pricing
  • Keyboard shortcuts for all functions
  • Support for lay-bys, quotes, deliveries, pick-ups and workshop orders
  • Place orders on hold and easily recall at any time
  • Advanced reporting including sales/margins by station, operator and store
  • Multi-store capability & Multi-terminal
  • Easily apply a discount over an entire order
  • Audit logging by POS user
  • Accept gift card payments.
  • Have item images appear on screen when entered into a POS sale.
  • Automatically track warranties on items sold.
  • Inventory Transfer & Location Re-Stock based on space availability
  • Counter Sales
  • POS Quotations
  • Cash Drops, Office Drops and Expenses
  • POS end of day Cash Up
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