MYOB Accounting


MYOB Accounting is an integrated accounting and inventory management software ideal for owner operators who want to improve inventory management and better manage customer and supplier relationships, and also require advanced business reporting. MYOB Accounting avoids accounting jargon and is easy to use. Its award winning design guides you through the automation of your accounts, making it easy to track all your accounting data. With MYOB Accounting’s powerful inventory management system, you’ll always know exactly what’s in stock, on order or committed.


Accounting, Inventory and Business Management Software for professional owner-operators

Ideal if you
– Want to track cost-centre
– Stock items for resale
– Buy and sell goods and services on credit terms

Put your best stock forward

MYOB Accounting inventory management system lets you know what’s in stock and what’s on order at a glance. Keep track of what you buy and sell and how much you have on hand. It’s easy to reconcile inventory balances, assign descriptions/images, buy and sell in different units and back-order or buy stock at any time for ultimate control. You will appreciate the freedom you have when working with inventory transactions. You can recall, edit, reverse and delete inventory adjustments and transfers just as you can with other recorded transactions. With MYOB doing all this work and more for you, you can now be focusing on understanding how your industry is likely to play out, and getting very clear on the key strategic moves your company needs to make to position yourself for future success in your industry.

Get your stocks to work for you

Invoice delivered in seconds
Save on postage and stationery cost by emailing your invoices – its easy to do with MYOB Accounting! It also means you can get your invoices out faster, improving your cash flow. You can email quotes, orders and invoices direct to your customers and suppliers, because MYOB Accounting creates forms and report as secure PDF documents that cannot be edited.

Get paid Quicker

MYOB Accounting’s email capability works with all MAPI compliant email software, including Microsoft® Outlook.


Easily track and calculate your tax/GST

Avoid tedious entries of bank statements

MYOB Accounting automates bank reconciliation. The Get Statement feature imports bank and credit card statements that you have downloaded from the Internet and marks all the matching transactions as cleared. Easy! (Please note: file formats of your bank statements are bank dependent).

Make your bookkeeping easier

Customise your Reports and Business Forms

Redesign your invoices and statements – make them your own. Every business is unique. Your business forms are the public face of your company and MYOB Invoices and other forms can be completely customised.

Choose from a wide range of data fields, add borders, background pictures, shading or coloured lines – in short create the perfect form for your business.

Want to add a logo or customised text? Want to add header and subtotals lines? The MYOB form designer makes it possible.

You are what you project

Keep the right people

Put together everyone that is important to your business in one location via myob card file. This way the right contacts and communication can be shared. Y ou will be pleased to know that MYOB Accounting can give up-to-the-minute sales and customer information. Reports can be exported in a variety of different formats, allowing you to send them electronically or open them in Microsoft® Excel.

Be Prepared and Keep in Touch.

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